Flight Plan Route

There are several different ways to input your route into DUATS.

Direct From departure to destination - Leave the route field blank.

Direct Between Points – To specify direct you can simply use a space between two waypoints. MRB LDN

Airways – To use an airway insert the route between the entry and exit points that you wish to use along the route separating each with a space. HYK V4 HVQ Both Jet airways and victor airways are formatted this way.

Fix Radial/DME – You can specify a waypoint using a radial distance from a VOR. The format is always the same the fix name followed by 3 characters for the radial and 3 characters for the DME. AML250036 or BOS020006

Domestic Lat/long Format
Latitude and Longitude - Latitude and longitude information is specified in the form "lat/lon" where either lat or lon may be:
2/3 digits (degrees: dd/ddd) 43/122
4/5 digits (degrees and minutes: ddmm/dddmm) 4315/12236
6/7 digits (degrees minutes seconds ddmmss/dddmmss) 431512/1223655
8/9 digits (degrees minutes seconds tenths ddmmsst/dddmmsst) 4315126/12236557

ICAO Lat/Long Format
Ex. 4315N07325W

You can also file and en-route delay using any valid point in your route. To file a delay follow this format. FIX/DH+MM.
LDN J109 J30 APE/D1+45 J178 FWA OXI4

In this example we are requesting a 1 hour 45 minute delay at Appleton.